My Pals Are Here Maths Homework Book 3B (3rd Edition)

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My Pals Are Here Maths 3B Homework Book (3rd edition) - Used in conjunction with:My Pals Are Here Maths 3B Pupil's Book (3rd edition) (textbook) My Pals Are Here Maths 3B Workbook (3rd edition)


Maths Homework (3rd Edition) is a series of practice and revision tests designed to complement the My Pals Are Here! Maths (3rd Edition) package.

The book comprises two parts-A and B- for each level. There are ample questions to reinforce all the concepts taught throughout the school terms. At the end of each chapter, pupils develop higher order thinking skills through "Challenging Practice". This is followed by "Put on Your Thinking Cap!" which consists of non-routine questions to foster critical and creative problem-solving skills. A revision test is also included at the end of each school term to prepare pupils for their school assessments. This pupil-friendly book encourages excellence in mathematics through consistent diligence and practice.


* Money

*Length, Mass and Volume

*Bar Graphs




*Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

*Area and Perimeter

PublisherMarshall Cavendish Education
SeriesMy Pals Are Here!
Edition3rd Edition
Core / SupplementarySupplementary
Type of bookHomework
GradeGrade 4 (South Africa)
ColourBlack & White
Number of pages162

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