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    My Pals are Here! English is a six-level program for young learners Each unit is based on a different theme relevant to students' lives. Clear, colourful layout stimulates thinking and sustains interest. Direct correlation between workbook and textbook for focused practice and assessment Review units consolidate learning and help pupils prepare for exams Teacher's Guide features notes on learning outcomes, common errors as well as full lesson and semester plans. Audio CDs with recordings of all reading, listening and phonics exercises and complete word lists Based on a thematic and communciative approach, it makes the learning of English a fun and rewarding experience. Key Stage 1: Levels 1 - 3 - Learning to Communicate in English. These levels lay the foundation for effective communication . Key Stage 2: Levels 4 - 6 - Learning to Learn in English. These levels prepare learners to use English to achieve academic success. My Pals are Here! English offers a seamlessly integrated solution for different learning needs in the classroom. It comprises: Textbooks Workbooks Audio CDs Teacher's Guides 

  • Primary Comprehension...

    Through a systematic and progressive skills-based approach, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Comprehension is designed to guide the pupils in mastering comprehension skills. Ample teaching tips are also included to facilitate better understanding.

    This series provides:

    • Five specific sections to cover the important skills in comprehension; Referencing, Information-Seeking, Inferring, Thinking Skills and Tackling Visual Texts.
    • Combined Skills section to assess pupils’ ability to apply all the skills learnt on the new exam format
    • Teaching Tips to better guide parents or tutors as they facilitate their child’s learning
    • Visual Text Section to test pupils on ability to answer questions based on graphical information
    • Varied difficulty levels to provide ample practice and challenge pupils in comprehension skills.
  • The Write Way

    The Write Way is a series of 6 books to help learners develop an enthusiasm for writing.  The series aims to develop learners' skills in generating and writing interesting texts bases on picture stimuli.  Through a combination of picture, word and question prompts, this series motivates learners at each part of the writing process.  Each exercise focuses on generating, articulating, arranging, organising, editing and revising ideas to form a coherent piece of writing.

    Each book covers 3 main sections covering the different skill sets required:

    • Generating ideas and content;
    • Developing ideas and content and
    • Editing and refining content.
  • Grammar Practice

    The Grammar Practice series is designed to help learners gain mastery of English Grammar,  Clear and comprehensive explanations help the learner focus on the essential learning points.  Exercises with engaging illustrations provide ample practice.  

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