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Singapore Maths is the generic name of the Maths curriculum or syllabus that is created by the Education Ministry in Singapore for use in Singapore schools. As more and more people around the world became fascinated by the astounding success of Singapore students in mathematics, they began referring to Singapore's Maths curriculum as simply Singapore Maths.


Some of the key components to the methodology are as follows:

1. The CPA Approach  (to understand concepts)

This means Concrete ➛ Pictorial ➛ Abstract .  This approach enables students to encounter Mathematics in a meaningful way and translate mathematical concepts from the concrete to the abstract.  This approach allows students to understand mathematical concepts before learning "rules" or formulaic expressions. 


Students first encounter the mathematical concepts through the use of visual and concrete manipulatives.  Students then move on to the pictorial stage in which pictures are used to model problems.  When students are familiar with ideas taught, they progress to a more advanced or abstract stage in which only numbers, notation and symbols are used.

2. Model-drawing  (to visualise, see connections and solve problems)

Model-drawing transforms words into recognisable pictures for young minds.

Model-drawing is an ingenious problem-solving strategy were students are taught to visualise and construct bar models to help them make sense of word problems.  The model-drawing method requires pupils to understand the mathematical concepts underlying the word problems and equips them with a strong conceptual foundation in Mathematics to solve even the most challenging problems.  The model-drawing technique not only provides a powerful method for solving problems, but also serves to develop algebra.  Symbolic representation of problems, the mainstay of algebra, emerges as a logical extension of the model-drawing technique.

       This helps to visualise, see connections, solve problems


3. Teaching to Mastery  (for deep understanding)

Each topic is covered in detail and taught to mastery.  Immediately after new concepts are taught, students are engaged with a variety of mathematically rich problems.  This ensures that the focus is on the students' deep understanding of each topic.  The Singapore Maths approach is geared towards producing mathematical thinkers, and it does this by walking students through all the component parts of a problem before presenting them with the whole problem to solve.

4. Spiral Progression  (to build a strong mathematical foundation)

Topics covered previously are reviewed at higher grades and at increasing levels of difficulty.  The introduction of new concepts is built upon the mathematical concepts students have learnt previously.  Spiral progression also allows for a review of important mathematical concepts while expanding on that foundation, ensuring a coherent and focused programme.

5. Metacogntion  (to promote logical thinking, reflection and communication)

Metacognition refers to the ability to monitor one's own thought process.  Teaching students to be conscious of the strategies they use to accomplish a task encourages pupils to think of alternative means of solving problems and promote logical thinking.

The Singapore curricula for Maths and Science has consistently produced excellent results internationally. In international comparisons of educational systems such as TIMSS and PIRLS, Singapore consistently ranks top.


Children start by writing the baseline assessment. This are not the pass or fail tests, they are to help identify where a child can start on programme. Please click on this link to download/print the baseline assessment for your child: 

Baseline Assessments

We recommend that you start with CORE materials consisting of:

Textbooks (Pupil’s books)
Teacher’s Guides

Other materials are SUPPLEMENTARY and can be ordered once you have started on the programme or should you feel you need additional material. Many homeschool parents choose to purchse the Test books so that they can assess their children on a regular basis.

You will also need MANIPULATIVES as these are very important for teaching as this is an approach that uses concrete apparatus.  Many of these can be purchased on WWW.TIMEFORFUN.CO.ZA

CORE materials are considered the essential components used to correctly teach Singapore Maths.  These consist of the following books:

Pupil’s books (Textbooks)
Teacher’s Guides

All other books are considered as SUPPLEMENTARY,  should you feel you need additional material to assist your child in a particular area.  For example, if your child is needing remediation or reinforcement we would recommend reinforcement material.  Alternatively, if your child needs additional stimulation, we would recommend enrichment materials. 

For assistance regarding ordering of supplementary material that is appropriate for your child please email

In a level, both the A and B books cover the curriculum for that particular year.  The A is used for the first part of the year, the B is used for the second part of the year.  Certain supplementary books don't have an A or B and are used across the whole year.

The primary school books have been set out in levels on the website to accord with the South African curriculum expectation.

Therefore, we recommend the books are used as follows:

Grade 1 - Level 1A

Grade 2 - Level 1B

Grade 3 - Levels 2A and 2B

Grade 4 - Levels 3A and 3B

Grade 5 - Levels 4A and 4B

Grade 6 - Levels 5A and 5B

Grade 7 - Levels 6A and 6B

We do not recommend using the 2nd and 3rd edition core materials together as they are not compatible. We no longer stock the 2nd edition titles.

My Pals Are Here! Science is the most widely used primary science programme in Singaporean Schools. Users of this series have been consistently ranked high in the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). This new edition is adapted from the highly effective Singapore edition.

My Pals are Here! Science International Edition (2nd Edition) helps young learners acquire deep understanding of scientific concepts while developing essential process skills through a stimulating and friendly approach. In this technologically driven and globalised world, it is essential to develop the necessary skills in pupils so that they can become confident and effective individuals in future. The essence of the Singapore Science framework lies in the spirit of scientific inquiry. Through the inquiry process, pupils are able to build on or acquire new knowledge in Science through the application of various skills and processes by relating Science to their everyday life, the society and the environment. The Singapore Primary Science curriculum framework aims to nurture pupils as inquirers who enjoy Science and value Science as an important tool in helping them explore the world around them. Together with a spiral progression in curriculum design and addition of new features, this series helps pupils acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of the scientific concepts.


The contents of the books and more information of the series can be found in this brochure:


We do not recommend using the 1st and 2nd edition core materials together as they are not compatible. We will no longer be importing the 1st edition titles.

A comparison table between the two series can be found here:

Comparison Table 1st and 2nd Edition MPH Science

The Cambridge Primary Maths and Science series are series that are endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education and follow the Cambridge Curriculum Framework.  These series are designed in Singapore and utilise the Singaporean educational pedagogy.



Both Maths and Science series are endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Marshall Cavendish Maths

This series helps pupils gain mastery in Mathematics with its use of the Concrete-PictorialAbstract (CPA) approach and heuristics such as bar modelling. With problem solving and metacognition at its core, the series enables the pupils to develop Cambridge learner attributes.  Besides engaging the pupils and exposing them to new concepts in a highly scaffolded manner, the series also includes mathematical variation that challenges the pupils to use their mathematical skills flexibly to suit the situation. Pupils also deepen their understanding and perceptual variation in which the mathematical concept stays the same throughout the sequence of questions but presented in different ways. Along with the exploratory questions, this series guides the students to fluency and mastery.  

Marshall Cavendish Science

This series employs strategies and features that leverages on guided constructivist-inquiry approach to foster the learning of Science and help pupils gain mastery in Science. All four strands of the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and scientific enquiry – are covered.  
Through this package, pupils are encouraged to actively construct meaning from their experiences in connection with their prior understanding. This is achieved by identifying pupils’ pre-existing views and ideas, and creating opportunities for pupils to explore their ideas, explain phenomena, account for events and make predictions. They are encouraged to develop, modify and where necessary, change their ideas and views.  

The full content of the syllabus can be found from page 14 to the end of the brochure below.



The full content of the syllabus can be found from page 14 to the end of the brochure below.


Both My Pals Are Here! and Marshall Cavendish Cambridge series are based on the highly regarded Singapore approach but the Marshall Cavendish Cambridge Maths and Marshall Cavendish Cambridge Science series also fully support the Cambridge curricula.  

The Pupil’s Books in Marshall Cavendish series contain the complete curriculum, whereas in other series, the learner’s books must be used in conjunction with the Teacher’s resources for complete coverage. Both Marshall Cavendish series also offer more extensive opportunities for rigorous review and assessment.

In addition, other series are more teacher-directed, which means that complete coverage is dependent upon the teacher’s ability to supplement the lessons and introduce the topics. For less experienced or non-Cambridge trained teachers, this will be more challenging and require far more preparation effort by the teachers.

Manipulatives are concrete teaching resources that are used to assist students to learn Maths in a meaningful manner.  These also help students in the understanding of the WHY - not just HOW.  These can be purchased from

Please click on this link to view manipulatives recommended per grade:


We also recommend that you have a look at our Pinterest page for some ideas of manipulatives you can make at home:



The Metric System

The Singapore Dollar ($) - This is equal to 100c and is therefore easily adapted to the South African Rand.

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