Lower Secondary Science Matters Textbook Volume B (2nd Edition) (Print & E-book bundle)

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Designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner, the textbook helps students discover scientific knowledge by using extensive real-life contexts.  The use of purposeful visuals helps to enhance the students' learning experience. The book also provides many opportunities for students to develop scientific literacy through a strong foundation in Science.


  •  Helps students relate to scientific concepts using real-life context.


  • Engages students through visuals - Information is communicated clearly and concisely in this manner.  In addition, fascinating pictures are used to create excitement among students and make learning more enjoyable.


  • Encourages critical thinking and challenges students to think about concepts at a broader level as well as understand the ethical issues surrounding science and technology.





1         Transport Systems in Organisms

1.1   The Need for a Transport System

1.2   Transport System in Plants

1.3   Transport System in Humans


2         Human Digestive System

2.1   Why is the Digestive System Important?

2.2   The Human Digestive System

2.3   Digestive Enzymes


3         Human Sexual Reproductive System

3.1   Human Sexual Reproductive System

3.2   Sexual Reproduction

3.3   Premarital Sex and Abortion

3.4   Birth Control Methods


4         Electrical Systems

4.1   Flow of Electricity

4.2   Effects of an Electric Current

4.3   Household Electricity


5         Interactions Through the Application of Forces

5.1   Types of Forces

5.2   Measuring Force

5.3   Effects of Force

5.4   What is Pressure?


6         Energy and Work Done

6.1   Energy and Work Done

6.2   Energy Changes

6.3   Sources of Energy


7         Transfer of Sound Energy Through Vibrations

7.1   What Causes Sound?

7.2   How We Hear Sound

7.3   How Does Sound Vary?

7.4   Sound and Society

8         Effects of Heat and Its Transmission

8.1   Expansion and Contraction of Matter

8.2   Effects of Expansion and Contraction

8.3   Movement of Heat


9         Chemical Changes

9.1   Chemical Changes as a Result of Interactions

9.2   Types of Chemical Changes

9.3   Types of Chemical Changes – Interactions between Matter

9.4   Movement of Atoms during Chemical Reactions

9.5   Effects of Chemical Changes – Friends of Foes?


10     Interactions Within Ecosystems

10.1            Ecosystems

10.2            Energy Flow in an Ecosystem

10.3            Decomposers

10.4            Conserving the Environment


PublisherMarshall Cavendish
Type of bookTextbook
GradeGrades 7 & 8
ColourFull Colour
Number of pages288

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