My Pals Are Here Maths Teacher's Planning Guide 2B (3rd Edition)

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The Teachers' Planning Guide 2B (3rd edition) is designed to be used in conjunction with Pupils Book 2B (3rd edition) and Workbook 2B (3rd edition).  The Guide includes the answers to the Pupils Book and Workbook.


Maths Teacher's Planning Guide us a rich resource of ideas and strategies that help teachers to plan for maths lesson execution, enabling teachers to become effective facilitators in pupils' learning of mathematics. With content that is anchored by the blended learning framework, teachers will be able to seamlessly integrate the requirements of the new syllabus with mathematical concepts and processes using the latest tools of technology. The result is an enhanced learning experience for pupils.

The Teachers' Planning Guide is organized into chapters. Each chapter comprises:

* Scheme of work: facilitates lesson preparation by giving teachers an overview of each chapter, including the resources needed for each lesson. These resources include all the components available in the Blended Learning package.

*Blended learning lesson instructions: empower teachers with information to facilitate classroom teaching. Essential features such as answers and worked solutions, maths background information, cross-curricular connections, common misconceptions, differentiated teaching strategies and classroom management tips enable teachers to teach more confidently and make each lesson more enriching for pupils.

PublisherMarshall Cavendish Education
SeriesMy Pals Are Here!
Edition3rd edition
Core / SupplementaryCore
Type of bookTeacher's guide
GradeGrade 3 (South Africa)
ColourFull Colour
Number of pages682

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