The Singapore Maths, Science and English curricula are used internationally for class teaching as well as homeschooling.

Please note that the Science and English books work according to South African Grade level. eg.  For Science and English, if you are in Grade 3, you will use Level 3 books.

The Maths books however differ.  We have categorised them according to the appropriate books for the South African grade level.  eg.  In Grade 2 – you will use 1B books.  In Grade 4 you will use levels 3A and 3B books.

In the Maths, there is a strong focus on problem solving and conceptual rather than procedural understanding.  Singapore Maths follows a CONCRETE – PICTORIAL – ABSTRACT approach.  This approach allows learners to understand mathematical concepts before learning procedures.  Each topic is covered in detail and is taught to mastery.



We recommend that before purchasing the Maths books you do the Baseline Assessments on the website.  To start with, we suggest you purchase the Core materials. 

The Core Material consists of:

Textbook - Pupils' Book - this is used to teach with / learn from

Workbook - this contains exercises relating to the Textbook

Teachers Planning Guide  - This contains all the answers and solutions as well as planning and teaching methodology. (Some homeschoolers choose not to order this until the intermediate primary levels)


The Supplementary Material consists of:

Homework book  - This book contains additional reinforcement activities to the concepts taught in the Textbook and Workbook

Test book  - This book contains assessments after topics as well as mid and year-end assessments.  This is a popular title for homeschoolers.

Essentials Book - This is a remediation book for learners struggling with a particular topic.  There is a simplified explanation of each topic and exercises to assist with remediation.

Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Book  - This book is an enrichment book to extend learner's thinking - within the same number range or concept that is being taught.

Visible Thinking Beyond the Classroom - This book is an enrichment book to extend learner's ability to visualise non-routine problems.


Within a level, all books cover the same topics but questions are asked differently depending on the nature of the book.


Singapore Maths is a concrete-based approach and therefore the use of manipulatives is crucial.  Please look under the Manipulatives and Teacher Resources section to see the appropriate Manipulatives per grade level.



We will be offering Maths support and training sessions to our homeschooling community in 2016.  Please follow our Facebook page: Singapore Maths South Africa for more information.