Teaching to Mastery Mathematics Bar Modelling: A Problem-Solving Tool

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Bar Modelling  - A Problem-solving Tool.  From reasearch to practice - an effective Singapore Math Strategy.  This is a professional development title.


Bar Modelling:  A Problem-solving Tool is a professional development book written for mathematics educators who are interested to learn more about bar modelling as a problem-solving tool in Mathematics.  Backed by research studies, this book will help educators see how various types of bar models can be used to solve mathematical word problems and learn the techniques of deriving, drawing and manipulating bar models.  With extensive examples, guided questions and practice problems, this book provides insights into the pedagogy of the model method.

PublisherMarshall Cavendish
SeriesTeaching to Mastery
Type of bookTeacher resource
Age GroupPrimary school
Colour2 colour
Number of pages169

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