MPH Science Activity Book 1B International Edition

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My Pals Are Here! Science International Edition helps young learners acquire deep understanding of scientific concepts while developing essential process skills through a stimulating and friendly approach. With this series, pupils will acquire knowledge, and inquiring mind, and skills and processed that form the basis for learning at higher levels.


  • Learning is experiential and deductive as pupils are encouraged to explore and discover scientific knowledge.
  • Questions are purposefully posed to inculcate an inquisitive attitude towards the learning of Science.
  • Fascinating photographs and colourful illustrations engage pupils' minds and spark their curiosity about the world around them.
  • Carefully selected visuals and minimal text allow all pupils regardless of language skills to understand scientific concepts, hence building learner confidence.
  • Concrete examples from everyday life make Science relevant and accessible to the young learners.



Unit 8 It's all around!
Unit 9 Day and night
Unit 10 How is the weather today?
Unit 11 Light

Review 3

Unit 12 Heat
Unit 13 Sound
Unit 14 Push and pull
Unit 15 Turn it on, turn it off!

Review 4

Science Themes (Systems, Diversity, Energy, Interactions, Cycles)

PublisherMarshall Cavendish Education
SeriesMy Pals Are Here! International Edition
Core / SupplementaryCore
Type of bookActivity Book
GradeGrade 1 (South Africa)
ColourFull Colour
Number of pages44