MPH Science Teacher's Guide 5 International (2nd Edition)

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My Pals are Here Teacher’s Guides serve as detailed and comprehensive guides to equip teachers for inquiry-based teaching. It contains information required to conduct a lesson, Schemes of Work, 5E focused Lesson Plans as well as suggested activities and differentiation ideas.



Schemes of work – provide an overview of the units. Teachers can find out at a glance the process skills that are covered and the resources needed for each unit as well as the number of periods required.

5E Lesson plans – guides teachers through the 5E Instructional model with detailed lesson plans designed and written with the model in mind. This is helpful for both new and experienced teachers.

Learning Objectives - shows all the key learning outcomes for easy reference. It also serves as a checklist for teachers.

Links to the Activity Book and Textbook - Provides quick reference to the relevant pages in the correct resources. Teachers are supported in effectively making use of this comprehensive package.

Answers to the Textbook and Activity books

PublisherMarshall Cavendish
Edition2nd Edition
Core / SupplementaryCore
Type of bookTeacher's guide
GradeGrade 5
ColourBlack & White
Number of pages103

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