MPH Science Textbook 5 International (2nd Edition)

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My Pals Are Here! Science International (2nd) Edition helps pupils acquire a deep understanding of scientific concepts while developing essential process skills through a stimulating and friendly approach. With this series, pupils will acquire knowledge, inquiring minds, and skills and processed that form the basis for learning at higher levels.


Topics covered:

Unit 1 Skeletal and Muscular Systems
Unit 2 The Respiratory System
Unit 3 The Digestive System
Unit 4 The Circulatory System
Unit 5 Cells
Unit 6 Healthy Diet
Unit 7 Photosynthesis
Unit 8 Ecosystems
Unit 9 Heat Transfer
Unit 10 Physical and Chemical Changes
Unit 11 Materials and Their Properties
Unit 12 The Water Cycle

PublisherMarshall Cavendish
Edition2nd Edition
Core / SupplementaryCore
Type of bookTextbook
GradeGrade 4
ColourFull Colour
Number of pages0.36kg

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