Word Problems in Focus Primary 2B

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The Word Problem in Focus series not only provides ample practice for pupils of mixed abilities, but also offers the higher-ability pupils challenging questions.


Adopting a topical approach in which mathematical concepts and skills are taught and reinforced, the Word Problems in Focus series serves two main purposes: to improve pupils’ problem-solving skills and to enhance their language abilities – by helping them to be both numerate and literate.

Each book in the series features the following:

• Worked Examples for each topic show common methods of solution used by most teachers and parents;

• Practice Questions allow pupils to apply and practise questions similar to the one discussed in the Worked Examples;

• Challenging Problems challenge the higher-ability pupils to solve harder word problems;

• Review Problems test pupils’ understanding of concepts discussed in each topic;

• Teaching Tips for teachers and parents to guide pupils through concepts;

• Answers and Solutions allow pupils, teachers and parents to check the answers and to expose them to intuitive or creative solutions.

PublisherMarshall Cavendish Education
Core / SupplementarySupplementary
GradeGrade 3 (South Africa)
ColourBlack & White
Number of pages121

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