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  • R85.00

    Students use this adjustable plastic hoop to gather data about circles of different radii. Features both inch and centimetre scales. Includes booklet with instructions.

  • R595.00

    These magnetic, high quality chalk or white board geometry instruments are designed with easy to read graduations and have convenient removable handles.

  • R650.00

    It’s never been easier to keep kids on track! Unique timer’s light and sound cues help to keep your whole class on track. Features 180° viewing and a large, easy to read LCD display. Allows quick programming of 3 colored lights (red, yellow and green) and 6 sound effects that alert children to time remaining. Can be customized to suit your needs. 

  • R1,245.00

    A 3D and concrete approach to algebra!   Algeblocks represent constants and variables with area models—making it easier for to see algebraic expressions and equations. By using the natural relationship between algebra and geometry, Algeblocks put the solutions to algebraic expressions literally at your fingertips and bridge the connection between concrete...

  • R620.00

    BEST SELLER! Folding 2D/3D geometric solids are a excellent tool to take learning geometry to a new level.

  • R620.00

    Familiar images and three-dimensional shapes combine to help students connect geometry to their world!

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items